The Ghost I've Become

I know it's been forever since I posted. At least it feels that way to me.  I've been preoccupied, a lot of people have been telling me I need to get out more. Apparently I've been spending too much time inside, I didn't know that was even possible. I didn't mind it though, I was getting done what I wanted to get done. But I figured I should stop telling people I'm busy when I'm not that busy at all. 

The Best Way To Get Amazing Skin All Over

This always bugs me about summer time, when I get a tan it's never even. I don't even mi d getting darker it's just my arms get so much more darker than the rest of my body, and my chest never gets dark. That's why at the end of every summer I always get really dedicated to body skin care. I need to purge away my summer tan and it always takes about a month or so to fully lighten and get my skin where I like it, even all over.

I'm telling you now if you're interested in trying this be prepared to be in the shower along time.

I found this out maybe two years ago it's not so much a formula but a process. First I get some baking soda (baking soda can literally do anything ) mix it with water tell it becomes a paste. Now get in the shower and scrub the living daylight out of your skin. Wait a couple seconds, then rinse.

Then I wash with CVS brand cleanser for acne in pink grapefruit. Again two years ago I was wondering why was my face lighter than my body (this was before I was using anything other than cleansers on my face) I thought maybe it's the chemicals in my cleanser. Since I was using acne cleansers maybe it was something in there. So I went to CVS and picked me up a generic brand cleanser and started washing myself with it. Low and behold it worked! So now whenever I try to even out my complexion I grab a facial cleanser and baking soda and get to work.

After I exfoliate, Wash with cleanser I follow up with my regular cleanser and then moisturize. Please moisturize because you will be dry dry after all cleansing.  I do the whole process for about a week or two, after that I just use the cleanser til it runs out. It tedious but the results are well worth it if you get a bad tan or even just want to even out your skin tone. Also I just want to say the baking soda exfoliator is very harsh,  do not use it on your face. I've tried it, it does not end well.


Artist Spotlight: Frida Kahlo

I'll admit I never knew much about Frida Kahlo. I've seen her picture and I think I read about her once in school. I do know that every time I saw her, I saw that brow and I wondered why she never waxed it. But after watching her biopic 'Frida' I get it. Her  brow was who she was, what made her so unique it was a part of her self she saw herself as beautiful flaws and all.

She was an amazing woman a true visionary wise beyond her years and decades past her time. Her art depicts her life, from the trolley wreck that left her paralyzed when she was younger, to her regaining her ability to walk again years later.  Only to have it ripped from under her at old age due to gangreen.

The Best Dark Spot Remover: Ambi Fade Cream {Review}

I know it feels like forever since ce I've done a real legit beauty post. Not going to lie I've been seriously laking on the skin care, but that's ok, I'm fixing it. Starting of course with my dark spots. I can't tell you how many times I've been pimple free only to have my skin ruined with dark spots, to be honest I'd rather have the pimple  (ok maybe not). It's just annoying ok?

But I've found relief in Ambi fade cream, I don't know why I ever stopped using the creamy crack but I'm back on and loving it! I used to use Murad Rapid Age Spot and Pigment lightening serum thinking that it would be stronger but I was wrong.


I Do This For Basquiat

I was both happy and slightly upset to see this shirt in Forever 21 the other day. The shirt is simple and black, which I love, and it features the name of an artist I enjoy named Basquiat. Now you may wonder why am I upset to see an artist that I like name on a shirt in a popular retail store? Wouldn't I be glad that he is getting recognition? Yes, and no. 

Herve Leger Says Fat Lesbians Shouldn't Rock Bandage Dresses

Oh don't you love just juicy gossip. Herve Leger is in some seriously hot water after Patrick Couderc, the U. K. managing director of the brand Herve Leger, body shamed the crap out of plus sized lesbian women in an interview with The Mail on Sunday. Which he suggested women with a "voluptuous" body and "very prominent hips with very flat chest" should avoid the brand's infamous Bandage dress design. Oh wait there's more..


My Obsession : The Rings Have It

So, I can finally admit it. I have crazy obsession with rings. I don't know how exactly it started,but I know I have one. I think it was a few years ago when I had an undercut I started wearing them and I just never stopped.

Usually I wear them small, like the thin band maybe a gem here and there. But for fall I'm thinking about going clunky with them. You know big gaudy ,OMG rings? I think that'd be so chic. Like maybe 3 big rings and a statement necklace with a turtleneck? OK maybe ditch the statement necklace and go for a multistrap necklace with the rings and turtleneck? 

  Hmmm... the wheels are turning. Is it so obvious I can't wait for fall? It's the best season for fashion! I can dress up or down and it's always pretty outside. You can wear your leather jacket beanie and rings and look cute sipping your hot coco. Yum. Can't wait.